Facebook Marketing API Accelerator

Automate your marketing with the new Marketing API Accelerator,
our 3-tiered program for software developers that’s all about
giving you the capabilities to grow your business.

Grow your business on Facebook

The Marketing API Accelerator is your path to serious API skills and support. Program benefits range from an exclusive community, virtual worldwide events, mentorship from Facebook, 1-on-1 engineering guidance, exposure and up to $3,000 in ad credits. Relevant for software developers who work for an advertiser or a Marketing Solution Developer.

Announcing Marketing API Accelerator Virtual Hack Winners

The Virtual Hack Competition, part of the Marketing API Accelerator Learn track, encourages developers to build advertising tools that help solve client needs. Facebook teams were available to educate developers at scale on various products and verticals and judged participant's resulting projects. Today we're pleased to announce the outstanding work of the winning companies:

  • Alvin5 Inc (North America)

    Alvin5 is based in San Francisco and their app enables merchants to create their own local offers and reach customers directly with automated video ads on their Facebook and Instagram pages. With Alvin5 Social Commerce Network, banks can reach their cardholders with personalized merchant offers using advanced targeting on the Facebook Platform.

  • Adszio Technologies (North America)

    Adszio Technologies creates travel-time based geographic “polygons” and then uses Local Awareness to allow businesses to advertise in locations where delivery time is a factor. They close the loop between business logic and programmatic advertising.

  • Magi Metrics (LATAM)

    Magi Metrics helps brands discover your most popular content on Instagram which can then be turned into ads. They also provide data and insights to help brands discover influencers on Instagram.

  • Igloonet (EMEA)

    Iglonet is based in the Czech Republic and mostly works with mid-sized E-Commerce companies from Eastern and Central Europe. They help advertisers check that all of their ads are optimized to spend much more efficiently. For example, you can define the errors you want to check, auto-pause ads or receive notifications on the ones that have issues, and upon the problem being resolved, reactivate the ad.

  • Kuaizi Technology (GCR)

    Kuaizi is based in China and their platform helps brands better manage, deploy, and optimize their creative across markets. With their one-stop cloud creative management platform, all it takes is a few simple clicks to complete a creative upload, review, and enable ads.

Congratulations to this year’s participants, and thank you to all developers that participated. We look forward to seeing more great work from all of you!

Program Tracks


New to marketing on Facebook? This track is all about turning your big idea into a prototype. Join our exclusive community to kick-start the process with Ask-Me-Anything sessions.

  •  Ask-Me-Anything sessions
  •  Access to Facebook engineers


Want to get serious with your prototype? Those accepted will work 1-on-1 with our engineering team to accelerate your product development. Limited spots available.

  •  Product design and build guidance
  •  1-on-1 access to Facebook engineers
  •  $1,000 Facebook ad credits


Ready to scale now that you’ve seen commercial success with the Marketing API? We’ll give you the exposure you need to grow fast by publishing your success story.

  •  Success story publication
  •  Ongoing developer support
  •  $3,000 Facebook ad credits

Frequently Asked Questions

The Program helps developers working on Facebook's Marketing APIs (ads, business manager, audience management and insights) build and grow their business on Facebook. Through education, Facebook mentorship and market exposure, this program helps you connect directly with the Facebook team as well as an exclusive community of global developers.
  • Any software developer working with any of the Marketing APIs including the ads management, business manager, audience management and insights APIs.
  • Facebook Marketing Partners already have access to many of these resources, such as technical assistance and guidance from Facebook team members. Therefore, Marketing Partners are not eligible for the Accelerator program. If you work for a Facebook Marketing Partner, you are highly encouraged to reach out via your Marketing Partner representative or the support portal.
Yes, apply to the track that is most relevant for your current development stage.
All applications will be reviewed by Facebook, and you will receive a response within 10 business days. Applications will be evaluated based on a number of factors such as:
  • Vision of the product
  • Technical skill/acumen of your team
  • Impact to advertisers
  • Regional relevancy
  • Market need
Depending on the track you are accepted to, three main areas of support are offered:
  • Benefits: Ad credits, Facebook collaboration for your product and market exposure for your success stories.
  • Mentorship: Opportunities to connect with Facebook engineers through virtual events, office hours, webinars, emails, and more.
  • Community: Meet others in the developer community through an exclusive Facebook Group for accepted program members.
The Program helps developers become proficient on the API so that those interested in become Marketing Partners can accelerate their development timeline towards applying to be a Marketing Partner.
The Program accepts applications on a rolling basis.
Fill out the application form here.
There are a limited number of spots available in all three tracks.
FbStart is a program meant for mobile, native app developers or startups, designed to help them build and grow their apps. This Program is meant to help advertising/marketing developers (mobile or desktop) learn how to best use Facebook's Marketing APIs.
Our program objective is to help new developers learn about Facebook's Marketing API and eventually give them capabilities to build + grow their businesses on Facebook. The benefits provided revolve around education and mentorship, which Marketing Partners receive to date. If Partners would like access to a specific resource, they are highly encouraged to reach out with this request via their Marketing Partner representative or the support portal.