Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! This is a brand new program and should be treated as such. Apply away.
The Program helps developers working on Facebook's Marketing APIs (ads, business manager, audience management and insights) build and grow their business on Facebook. Through education, Facebook mentorship and market exposure, this program helps you connect directly with the Facebook team as well as an exclusive community of global developers.
    Any software developer working with any of the Marketing API to build a platform to allow advertisers and small-medium business to optimize and buy media on the platform.
  • At this point, if you don't plan to buy media through the API, you do not qualify.
  • Facebook Marketing Partners already have access to many of these resources, such as technical assistance and guidance from Facebook team members. Therefore, Marketing Partners are not eligible for the Accelerator program. If you work for a Facebook Marketing Partner, you are highly encouraged to reach out to your Marketing Partner representative or the support portal.
Yes, apply to the track that is most relevant for your current development stage.
If you don't get accepted, you should check to see whether you're better qualified for a different track. We recommend not to apply to the same track for at least 6 months after your first application.
All applications will be reviewed by Facebook, and you will receive a response within 30 business days. Applications will be evaluated based on a number of factors such as:
  • Vision of the product
  • Technical skill/acumen of your team
  • Impact to advertisers
  • Regional relevancy
  • Market need
The Program helps developers become proficient on the API so that those interested in become Marketing Partners can accelerate their development timeline towards applying to be a Marketing Partner.
The Program accepts applications on a rolling basis.
We insure a very high level of support; as a result, the spots are very limited, especially in the Grow track.
FbStart is a program meant for mobile, native app developers or startups, designed to help them build and grow their apps. This Program is meant to help advertising/marketing developers (mobile or desktop) learn how to best use Facebook's Marketing APIs.